Building Believers Worship Center (BBWC) was officially organized in March 2011.  One month prior to the establishment of the Church, Bishop Devonry and Pastor Beverley Harvey spent time in prayer and fasting seeking God’s direction.  The month spent in fasting and prayer was the foundation for launching the Church. Bishop Devonry and Pastor Beverley Harvey along with their two children, Calvin and Jasmine and Garfield Harvey were founding members. 

Since the establishment of BBWC, the membership has grown from a family to an average attendance of 140 or more per week.  The Church continues to experience the outpouring of God’s Spirit in abundance.  We celebrate the fact that over the past year we have conducted numerous baptisms and the Lord continues to add to our church daily.  Various ministries are in operation - Men’s (MOH), Women’s (WWF), Young Women’s (BLC), Children’s Church (Building World Changers for Christ), Mission, Ushers, Music, (which includes Praise & Worship, Choirs, Dance, Mime Ministries), Events and Planning and Building Believers School of Ministry.  An Executive Board has been established at BBWC to direct the general functions of the Church. BBWC is currently registered in the State of Florida and with the IRS and has obtained a 501(c)(3).  In 2015, we joined fellowship with Ecclesia Worship Center, Mandeville Jamaica, under the leadership of Pastor Lloyd Allen and in 2016, we joined fellowship with Ecclesia Worship Center in Christ, South Manchester, Jamaica, under the leadership of Pastor Steve Edwards; we oversee both Ministries and BBWC is the headquarter Church.

BBWC continues to experience both spiritual and numerical growth under the passionate, enthusiastic, diligent and contextual leadership of Bishop Devonry and Pastor Beverley Harvey.  The Church is building a mighty army to go out and do whatever it takes to reach the harvest with the truth of God’s word.   The Divine mandate that God has given to this ministry has never been clearer or more urgent.  BBWC plays a key role in the end-time revival that will usher in the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our focus is to build Believers through the redeeming power of God’s Word, empowering members to become disciples and make disciples.  Therefore, we are bringing them in, growing them up and sending them out; transforming lives one person at a time.